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At Eurofase, we pride ourselves on developing products that meet the highest quality and safety standards while at the same time keeping our eyes on the latest architectural trends to ensure that our products bring added function and form to your space.

Imagine investing in patio furniture, a BBQ grill, or any other expensive outdoor furnishes but not being able to enjoy your space all year round because of weather constraints. Forced air heating systems can be ineffective in outdoor spaces, which may lead you to using structures such as fire pits. Although beautiful, it’s inability to heat large spaces or have ease in control may create more strife than pleasure. Furthermore, live fire increases ones chance of accidents in the home and possible smoke inhalation.

At Eurofase Heating,

we choose


Infrared heaters produce a clean, safe ray of light that only affects the objects, warming it and not the air around it. This creates an instant sensation of feeling warmth. Heat produced by infrared is evenly distributed, without interference from surrounding elements such as drafty or windy conditions.

120V 1500W

Plug and Play

Infrared Heating Is Here!

In addition to our already versatile heater lineup is our

120V 1500W Single Element Infrared Heater.

This 120V plug and play version simplifies installation even further by allowing the use of a standard home power outlet. It also includes a remote control for easy and convenient heater operation.

Step Outside With Eurofase

Zack Sharon
Vice President
For the past 30 plus years, contractors, architects, and designers have relied on Eurofase as their go-to brand for providing a diverse selection of high-quality, innovative products for both residential and commercial applications.
As a natural extension to Eurofase, Eurofase Heating is the perfect addition to complete every outdoor space. We invite you to learn more about Eurofase Heating products in this catalog, or by visiting us online. Step Outside With Eurofase

Instant Heat


No Greenhouse Gases


Silent Operation




No Ventilation Required


Low Maintenance

Keep your space

clean & green

with Eurofase!

Infrared heaters are more cost efficient and use less energy than other space heating products. All heat produced from an Eurofase fixture is used, which means the infrared light directly heats the object and not the space around it. Choose Eurofase to be environmentally sustainable!

Did you know?

 Infrared heat has similar effects of natural sunlight without having to expose yourself to UV rays!

Choose a heater for your space that is environmentally sustainable!

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